March: What's Happening & NEW Limited Collection

The shop will be on hold for a bit in April. We’re travelling and I will be away from the shop. However, I have big big plans for things when I get back! 

Anyways, on to the quick update. I'm kind of ditching the "monthly restocks" and am getting back to my roots. Being Creative. I hope this strategy allows me to slow down and get back in my groove thang with a work/life balance.

THUS LEADS TO: The Limited Collection:

Real Talk, as a small business owner and creative type, I often have MANY ideas rolling around my brain at one time, it can be draining. I often create fake brand ideas in photoshop and have to "brain dump" my ideas so I don't act on them all willy nilly. WELL, I've decided to incorporate this into my biz - because, well why don't y'all deserve some limited edition fun ideas that flow from my brain. This does mean that I will be adding "LIMITED" items to the shop here and there. Yes, there's a new category on the main navigation called "limited" and it's easily accessible. I am so very excited to release my overflowing notebook of ideas to you. I hope you’re as excited as I am. I just want to create fun products that can brighten someones bath. I hope that someone is you.

Take Care #modbeautybff fam.
I love all of you! Xoxo - Jamie

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