• Matcha Green Tea Dry Mask
  • Matcha Green Tea Dry Mask
  • Matcha Green Tea Dry Mask
  • Matcha Green Tea Dry Mask
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Matcha Green Tea Dry Mask


Relax and treat yourself to a facial with this Matcha Green Tea face mask. The main benefits of dry masks are that there are no preservatives or harsh chemicals needed. 

♡ Full of antioxidants to help signs of aging
♡  Soften skin & Oil absorbing

TO USE: Mix 2 Tsp of powdered mask with 1 Tsp of water in a small bowl. Mix into a creamy texture and apply to face. ( 2 to 1 ratio) Leave mask on face for 10-20 minutes. Mask will harden. Wipe face gently with a cloth & warm water to exfoliate and remove. Rinse and follow with a facial moisturizer.

 - Mix with any special ingredient you'd like: Rose water toner, aloe vera gel, agave, a light carrier oil.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, French Green Clay, Matcha Powder, Green Tea Extract.

♡ Cruelty free
♡ Vegan
♡ 100% Natural
♡ No Preservatives
♡ No Parabens
♡ No Dyes
♡ No Chemicals

This mask comes in a single packet (NET WT: .20 oz | 6g) that is heat sealed closed and tamper-proof. You can get 1-2 masks out of each packet.